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The controversy over billboards in the City of Los Angeles, and the lack of public records led to this site. You can browse the available data, and you may provide information for some missing values. Or you can Add a new entry.
There are three main browse options:

  1. The ID number -- This is the Los Angeles registration number. Black numbers on white, along the bottom of the billboard.
  2. Location -- Generally the primary street OR the cross street. People will not always agree on which is which, or even on which is the correct cross street (thus the same billboard will appear more than once). The ID number is the real identifier. Some have been entered as a street address, others as an intersection, it is not always clear which is available. For those stored by address, a range of addresses is used.
  3. And the owner (not the product advertized). This is displayed on the bottom of the billboard.
Choose one (or in some cases 2) -- the keys are used in Company, Street, ID order. (Note, Company and Street can be used together, or Street and Address. These give the expected subsets. Using the Address field results in a range of values so an exact address is not needed.) Company name match is exact (short forms of the company names are generally used), but Street is matched using only a part of the street name (e.g. Beverly gets a lot of different streets). ID is the LA City ID number, but large numbers (over 99000) are used for unknown numbers. Only 30 Entries are returned each time, the option for more gets the next 30.

Browse by Sign ID: Start at entry
Browse by Street: Substring matching is used Use approximate address:
Browse by Owner: (May be combined with Street)
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