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The controversy over billboards in the City of Los Angeles, and the lack of public records caused the creation of this site. You can help by providing information on billboards that you see every day. Once the data is more complete the database will be a useful tool to evaluate the distribution of billboards in the city and to report unregistered ones. The current data was acquired from 2 sources -- first is from individual inputs, second is from the article in LA Weekly Billboards Gone Wild: 4,000 Illegal Billboards Choke L.A.'s Neighborhoods By Christine Pelisek (April 23, 2008). This article provided links to 4 lists all of which (minus errors) have been incorporated into this database.

An additional resource has been created by Westside Community News Project with a similar original database.

The two main options are:

  1. The ID number -- This is the Los Angeles registration number. Usually (but not always) shown along the bottom of the billboard. Not given in the LA Weekly listings.
  2. Location -- i.e. which street, and a near by cross street. It is helpful to also note which side of these streets. Giving an address is also an option.
  3. Also available is whether it is electronic or not, and ID of the other side. If you provide both ID numbers, the pair is added in one step. An unknown ID number should be something greater than 99000 (but limited to 5 digits). Note that a single entry corresponds to one location, i.e. both sides.
  4. And note the owner (not the product advertized). This is usually on the bottom of the billboard.

First you will give the ID number, which will be checked. The current entries for the ID will be printed, and you can update one of them, decide that you have nothing to add, or enter a new item.

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